The cloud service for graphical modeling of data flows.

Stream data of any format and structure from any source to any destination using over 350 different processors.

Maintain control through complete traceability of the executions directly visible in the graphical representations, with insight into the data flow throughout the entire process.

Benefit from fast onboarding and an iterative approach in a consistent, fully graphically supported process model, thanks to the low-code approach.

Scale your productive instances according to the actual requirement and using the appropriate execution model.

Easily and securely connect your on-premise systems to the cloud, creating stable, hybrid scenarios in which data can stay where you want it.

Master the challenges of digital transformation with the Virtimo Digitalization Cloud based on IGUASU.

With the web-based approach, you have a fully integrated development environment at your disposal. It offers functions such as undo/redo, a clipboard, processor testing and code completion for expressions. Collaborative work is supported, as well as complete versioning directly on the data flows. In addition to certificate management with the option to use your own certificates, you can also, for example, upload JDBC driversdirectly via the interface.

Versioning and deployment of the data flows.

Hybrid cloud: Connecting your on-premise systems to the cloud.

Integrate dedicated data from your on-premise systems into your cloud processes without having to open up the systems completely. For example, an existing INUBIT or an additional IGUASU gateway is used to transfer just the single data record from the in-house customer database that is required for the process in the cloud.

The connection of the on-premise world to the cloud is always made by setting up a connection through your own INUBIT or IGUASU gateway and never from the outside.

The resulting connection can then be used by both sides. With client/server certificates [mTLS] and full encryption, maximum security is ensured.

You have numerous options for connecting external systems. This includes, among other options, a large number of cloud systems such as MICROSOFT AZURE, AMAZON AWS, and GOOGLE GCS with:

  • Cloud storage: AWS S3, Google GCS, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Queue Storage
  • Streaming/eventing/queues: AWS SQS/Kinesis, Google PubSub, Azure Event Hub
  • Data Warehouse/Analytics: AWS Kinesis, Google BigQuery, Azure DataLake
  • NoSQL: AWS DynamoDB, Azure Cosmos DB, Google Bigtable
  • Misc: AWS Lambda, AWS Simple Notification, AWS CloudWatch, AWS Gateway

In addition, a large number of open-source systems are also available, which are operated by many independent providers or by the company itself:

  • Apache Kafka, Apache Hadoop [HDFS, HBase], Apache Hive, Apache Kudu, MongoDB, GridFS, RethinkDB, ElasticSearch, CouchBase, Solr, Splunk, Slack, RabbitMQ, Apache Cassandra, MQTT, and more…

IGUASU also supports classic systems such as relational databases, JMS, email, SFTP, etc.

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