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We develop tailored solutions for you with a clear premise: Simplify. Improve. Think ahead. In other words: We want to reduce the complexity of your processes and procedures for you. Therefore, we offer innovative solutions for complex business-specific needs which are quick and easy to apply!

Efficient, automated processes are a prerequisite for economic success in dynamic markets such as the insurance industry. For secure data exchange between insurers, mediators and other market partners, the BiPRO standard was developed and has since been established and proven itself as the standard in the industry. With the Virtimo BiPRO server, we offer you a pre-configured solution which supports all current BiPRO norms, tested for conformity, and which can be implemented with little effort.

For the particular challenges of the energy sector, we develop holistic solutions which simplify both complex and critical business processes and compliance with legal requirements for market participants right out of the box.

With the Virtimo Market Communication Service and the cooperation community launched by Virtimo, market communication in the energy sector is made easy! This highly flexible solution provides comprehensive standardised features for monitoring, regulation, processing and execution of market communication in its innovative functional modules. New requirements, e.g. from the specifications set by various regulation authorities, are met quickly and with high quality, helped along by synergic effects from the cooperation community.

With VICOS, the Virtimo AG offers a scalable Shared Service for the complete display of the market communication, which is always in accordance with the current legal requirements for the energy industry: Partner management, updates, problem solving – we handle everything for you! Thanks to VICOS you’ll comply with the current regulatory guidelines for the market communication today and in the future. Of course including BSI AS4!

The Virtimo Market Process Manager enables a fast and complete execution of market communication processes in the electricity and gas markets in accordance with regulatory requirements to the energy industry. As market participants, you can be sure to entirely and securely comply with the ever-changing legal specifications for change, balancing, and billing processes at any time!

The Virtimo Publication Framework is a powerful solution for providing transparency information, an important obligation for all energy suppliers in their different roles in the market. Ready-made modules guarantee quick operation for implementing all current legal publication requirements and compliance with various external and internal reporting duties.

Comprehensive processes, numerous systems, additional master data – the implementation of new regulations according to Redispatch 2.0 will be mandatory for the energy market starting October 1, 2021. With the Virtimo out of the box solution for Redispatch 2.0 we offer a ready-made functional module which meets all requirements and can be flexibly integrated.

The Virtimo BiPRO Server.

Simple, quickly implemented,
Cost-efficient, highly available,
Individually scalable

Implement all current BiPRO
Norms in a conformity-tested
Way with the Virtimo BiPRO

BiPRO-compliant process management for insurers.

In the BiPRO e.V. [Branch Institute for Process Optimisation], insurance companies, sales partners and service providers like Virtimo have come together in order to optimise business processes across companies. For secure data exchange between insurers, mediators and other market partners, the BiPRO standard was developed and has since been established as an industry standard. The Virtimo BiPRO server supports all current BiPRO norms out of the box and thus allows for quick, cost-effective BiPRO-compliant process management!

With the Virtimo BiPRO server, all standards defined by BiPRO are covered:

  • Tariffing, offer, application, contract
  • Application and registration for electronic insurance confirmations (eVB)
  • Customer and information service
  • Service for the automated transfer of GDV-data, fault data and further documents
  • External navigation to your insurance portal
  • Security token service

From tariffing to transfer service – easy implementation of all standards!

Holistic functional and technical view on BiPRO-processes.

The Virtimo BiPRO server offers you comprehensive functional and technical views on your BiPRO business processes based on INUBIT:

  • Functional and technical logging
  • Functional and technical monitoring
  • BiPRO scheme validation
  • BiPRO policy framework
  • STS ticket management
  • List service context management
  • Error management
  • Workflow template
  • MTOM support
  • Scalability
  • Connectors to back-end systems
Lots of Benefits

You save yourself effort.

Implemented quickly, scalably and cost-effectively!

You spare your nerves.

All current BiPRO norms implemented and conformity-tested!

You unburden your staff.

Effective communication with all market partners!

You can sleep soundly.

Regular updates and continuous expansions!

The Virtimo Market Communication Service.

Modules of the Virtimo Market Communication Service at a glance.

Little effort, quick, cost-effective,
Highest stability, optimally scalable,
Integrated collaboration

All communication standards
For  the energy industry right
Out of the box with the first
Cooperation community for
Market communication!

Energy market communication made easy!

Market communication in the energy sector is complex and a critical prerequisite for business: Cooperation between various market roles [network operators, balancing group directors, market area directors], a multitude of cross-company business processes, numerous and continually updated requirements by different regulatory authorities, both on a national and European level.

With the Market Communication Service [MCS], Virtimo has developed a highly flexible solution for adapting to these specific requirements which simultaneously contains extensive default functions for monitoring, regulation, processing and execution of market communication using innovative functional modules.

The MCS cooperation community for the energy industry, launched by Virtimo, offers extensive synergetic benefits to cooperation partners: Virtimo offers active market surveillance, the prioritisation of new topics as well as technical implementation of the resulting requirements for all members!

New partners of the cooperation community can expect an individual location analysis, preparation of a road map for achieving the community standard Market Communication Service and the realisation of this respective road map. As such, it is guaranteed that all members of the cooperation community are on the same level in the area of market communication and can profit from one another in the future: Cost-synergy through joint developments, faster implementation of new requirements, as well as an overall higher level of quality through the transfer of know-how.

Market communication service community: stronger together.

Easy compliance with complex requirements.

Compliance with content specifications concerning the usable data formats for different business application cases, e.g. GaBi Gas, GeLi Gas, GPKE, WIM in the German market as well as nomination and matching, balancing, ESS and many more in a European context.

Compliance with numerous technical requirements regarding the protocols to be used, as well as comprehensive security requirements with respect to algorithms for warranting information security.

Plus: Requirements for market communication do not only results from external specifications; the linking of different internal systems, powerful surveillance of different business and IT departments, and easy adaptation to modified internal processes are all important requirements which are fulfilled by the Virtimo solution Market Communication Service!

You want to know more about the market communication service?

All functionalities and modules at a glance!


Aggregate overview of all relevant processes in market communication! [MORE…]


Complete overview of market communication: Protocols, formats, signature and encryption! [MORE…]


Central master data for market communication: Market partners, formats, protocol and security parameters! [MORE…]


Support for networked collaboration in teams! [MORE…]


Out-of-the-box: Standardised communication processes for German and European market regulations! [MORE…]


Documentation of all intersections and data transfers for everyone to access! [MORE…]

Lots of Benefits

You spare your nerves.

Current legal requirements implemented with assured quality!

You unburden your staff.

Proactive advancement through extensive cooperation with clients.

You gain time.

Quick and risk-free implementation of the leading energy industry communication solution!

You can sleep soundly.

Highest availability and 24/7-service!

VICOS: Market Communication Shared Full-service!


Holistic service for mapping
Market communication including
Infrastructure, operation and application.

Optimally coordinated – technically,
Functionally and organisationally –
You receive everything first-hand:
Partner management, updates, solutions!

VICOS [Virtimo communication service]: Full-service for market communication!

The consistent next step for Virtimo in simplifying the topic of market communication for the energy sector is VICOS, the scalable Shared Service for your market communication!

We take on the whole range of requirements for you, acting as a service provider with our own market partner code and certificate management, from installation to everyday operation all the way to eliminating errors and problems with partners.

Our holistic approach combines infrastructure, operation and application and as such facilitates the optimally coordinated execution of market communication according to the latest legal requirements.

Complex, encompassing, time-sensitive – we tackle the paradigm shift in the market communication for you. The BDEW has, in coordination with the BSI, developed an extensive, new communication paradigm and thus laid the foundation for the mandatory market-wide introduction within the next few years. 

All current procedures and regulations in force will lose their validity: protocols, certificates, encryption, data storage, software, hardware, personnel, overall organization – no stone will be left unturned. Another factor is the time pressure: the conversion must be completed by all market partners by the end of March 2024. From December 2024, scheduling will also have to be implemented with BSI AS4.

Under the BSI premise of cryptoagility, new solutions and organizational approaches are required to meet the constantly changing framework conditions. Virtimo is a project partner and, together with BDEW, has already proven the technological feasibility of the cryptographic requirements of the BSI within a PoC.

VICOS fully maps the new requirements for BSI AS4: VICOS users benefit from the extensive synergies of the Shared Service and 24/7 support, regardless of the market role and company size.


Always up to date, proactive, holistic: We make your market communication with BSI AS4 work.

Roadmap realization of new market communication paradigm with BSI AS4.
  • Installation and proactive central maintenance of partner master data, communication links, and future integration of the new directory service as a complete service to you
  • Continuous monitoring and analysis of changes in the market as well as updates of data formats according to regulatory changes
  • Acquisition, monitoring and exchange of certificates as well as proactive informing of partners
  • Complete mapping of communication requirements AS4, AS2, E-Mail as well as the future BSI-protocol [BSI AS4] on basis of the new cryptographic procedures 
  • Automatic validation of messages and automated generation of confirmation messages
  • Proactive analysis and handling of any erroneous communication processes due to false formats, false security guidelines (e.g. missing or false signature/encryption), unavailable partners (e.g. errors, firewall) and other reasons, as well as partner communication for error management
  • Geo-redundant regular operation, maintenance and disaster recovery of the new hardware security modules
  • Knowledge Base of erroneous partner connections for quick and efficient problem solving
  • 24/7 assistance and support for service users: Monitoring using VIMON, the Virtimo Application and Performance Monitoring, multi-channel alerting, error elimination in partner communication and infrastructure
  • Redundant multiple-copy long-term archiving of messages with a hold time of ten years to support storage requirements
  • Full transparency for you: You will keep track of your messages and have access to all messages with the Virtimo BPC Monitoring 

Only the best for our clients: VICOS guarantees highest quality and availability for executing your market communication. The high-quality operation of our comprehensive services is managed cloud-based by Virtimo. A highly available VPN gateway facilitates connections to the TSO Data Center and other cloud services. Virtimo will also efficiently ensure the geo-redundant operation, fault elimination as well as maintenance of the hardware security modules that will be required in the future.

The VICOS architecture is based on MCS, Virtimo’s Market Communication Service solution and is built as an Active/Active cluster, which ensures maximal scalability and availability.

An equally available Application Load Balancer functions as an interface for the external communication [AS4, AS2, E-mail as well as solely BSI AS4 in the future] with the database server and mail server [for market communication and alerting] as well as your specific internal systems – regardless of whether these operate on-premise or in the cloud.

To guarantee operation security and service functionality, software and application patches are regularly installed proactively as part of the Virtimo Communication Services. With the Virtimo Application and Performance Monitoring VIMON, we additionally run a separate specialised environment for monitoring, alerting and SLA measuring, which serves as the basis for your SLA reporting.

Infrastructure and operation from a single source: highly available, highest quality.

VICOS Shared Service architecture: Full mapping of requirements for BSI AS4.

VICOS provides market communication with top-level security.

Security, of course, is a top priority in market communication! VICOS as a Shared Service Platform is based around a comprehensive security concept which ensures information security with regard to confidentiality, integrity, traceability, authenticity and availability.

For the fundamental safeguarding of infrastructure and servers we provide a well-engineered firewall plan, data encryption, backups, operation system updates, and a continuous turnover of transport algorithms and certificates [transport layer security], among others. The certificate used in market communication is signed with RSASSA-PSS in accordance with the current requirements of the Federal Network Agency. The market partners’ certificates are periodically inspected for validity according to the Certificate Revocation List and updated if necessary.

In addition, application-specific security measures have been implemented for VICOS. The Virtimo Communication Service is technically based on INUBIT, BPC [Business Process Center] and MCS [Market Communication Service]; the security concept includes an intrusion detection system, a periodic inspection of all relevant log files as well as certificate-based two-factor authentication for the client’s individual monitoring access points. Certification authority lies with Virtimo, so your employees have quick access to the application at any time.

Lots of Benefits

You gain time.

VICOS is ready to use inclusive BSI AS4: We are ready when you are!

You unburden your staff.

Partner management, updates, problem solving – we do it for you!

You spare your nerves.

Always up-to-date, highest quality service, highly available operation, 24/7 assistance!

You save expenses.

Reduced cost at maximal quality – that’s the VICOS all-round carefree service!

Der Virtimo Market Process Manager.


Pre-configured processes,
Individual automations,
On-premises or saas – always
Active quickly.

The comprehensive solution for
Compliance with regulatory
Process requirements for
Market communication!

Optimal handling of energy industrial market communication processes.

Based on the INUBIT software, the Market Process Manager [MPM] was developed. It delivers pre-configured business processes, realises and automates processes, watches times periods and data formats for you, and is a building block between the market partners and the energy supplier’s internal IT systems, all in compliance with the binding requirements of the BNetzA for market communication.

The Virtimo Market Process Manager enables the entire execution of market communication processes in the electricity and gas market according to regulatory requirements for change, balancing, and billing processes thoroughly and securely. All adjustments to regulatory specifications are carried out by us and made available to you as part of our service. As such, you have to invest neither time nor money in a development of your own or adjustment to regulations.

With EDIFACT market communication, processes continue to be handled based on your existing ERP systems, provided they are designed for this task. Ready-made back-end-specific elements (e.g. for SAP IS-U) allow for a seamless and quick integration of the communication processing itself (reception and delivery of messages, message validation and routing) via the Market Process Manager.

Alternatively, you can control the regulated processes directly via the Market Process Manager. Your ERP systems continue to execute core processes (e.g. accounting and master data). The entire process orchestration, execution and automation for market communication is secured via our BPM solution.

Fully intergrated or on-prem – it’s your choice!

Since December 1, 2019, the market communication 2020 regulations [MaKo 2020] have been in place, which bring along essential changes in the responsibilities regarding performance data. It is all the more important to have a market communication solution which is easily and quickly adjustable with little effort. The Virtimo MPM already supports the MaKo 2020 in its full range!

MAKO 2020 – Implement it now with the market process manager!

Lots of Benefits

You spare your nerves.

Market communication up to date, always!

You gain time.

Automated end-to-end processes which can be easily adjusted to model changes from the regulator!

You unburden your staff.

Market communication processes can be easily, quickly and economically adapted to new regulations at any time!

You save yourself effort.

Reduced operating costs due to complementary software updates at the BNetzA’s revision dates, including an interim and a target model!

The Virtimo Publication Framework.

Modules of the Virtimo Publication Framework at a glance.

Powerful solution,
Ready-made modules,
Quick to use.

Implementation of all legal
Publication requirements,
Compliance with various
External and internal reporting

The transparency data solution for energy suppliers.

Providing transparency information is a central obligation for all energy suppliers. Various European and national supervisory committees set extensive requirements for the timely and complete provision of transparency data.

With the Publication Framework, Virtimo offers a comprehensive solution for compliance with all publication requirements for energy suppliers in the different market roles, such as network operators, market area directors, traders and storage operators.

Ready-made modules allow for a quick implementation in your company while simultaneously fulfilling all legally required functions:

  • Crisis prevention
  • REMIT [ACER publication requirements]
  • Transparency including Urgent Market Messages [ENTSOG publication requirements]
  • DVGW [BNetzA publication requirements]
  • Web Publication [display on your website]

Each of these compliance modules contains the respectively relevant specific processes and technologies for the transmission of information, e.g. transmission of initial nominations via AS2, and enables configuration of the respective publication details.

Crisis prevention, ACER, ENTSOG, BNETZA, web: everything handled!

Flexibly extendable, easily connected, comfortable to handle.

Additionally, the Publication Framework is flexibly extendable in order to take on individual company-specific publication requirements, e.g. for reporting or for visualisation on the company website. It is easy to connect to many different back-end systems based on its numerous integrated adapters.

The Publication Framework contains various functional modules, each of which is available in all of the different compliance modules. This warrants consistent and comfortable handling.

You want to know more about the publication framework?

Essential functions and modules at a glance!


Central overview for monitoring all publication processes! [MORE…]


Detailed monitoring and control over all publication processes! [MORE…]


Integrated management of publication master data! [MORE…]


Content validation and quality control of publication data! [MORE…]


Web module for the consistent presentation as part of your company website! [MORE…]

Lots of Benefits

You save yourself effort.

Standard product for compliance with all publication requirements [crisis prevention, ACER, ENTSOG, BNetzA, web]!

You gain time.

Monitoring, interfaces, validation and error handling are included!

You spare your nerves.

Workflows for the connection of client-specific back-ends!

You can sleep soundly.

Integrated data quality control!

The Virtimo Redispatch 2.0 Solution.

Redispatch 2.0: The Virtimo solution covers all use cases.
Redispatch 2.0: The Virtimo solution covers all use cases.

Out-of-the-box solution,
Ready-made functional module,
Flexible to integrate.

Compliance with all Redispatch 2.0 requirements,
Covering all processes and
Pre-defined use cases for DSO and OE.

It couldn’t be easier: complex requirements, one solution!

Comprehensive processes, numerous systems, additional master data – the implementation of new regulations according to Redispatch 2.0 will be mandatory for the energy market starting October 1, 2021.

Virtimo has developed a solution for the DSO [distribution system operators] and OE [producers/direct marketers/operation executives] market roles that guarantees compliance with the communication requirements specified in Redispatch 2.0: Out-of-the-box, ready-made and flexible to integrate. We make it easy: Learn everything about our Redispatch 2.0 Solution from our video [only available in German language, in case of any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us] – including a demonstration of the functional module!

The Virtimo module Redispatch 2.0 for automated exchange offers comprehensive features:

  • Technical communication Connect+ for the new data provider (DP) market role
  • Acquisition, processing and display of asset master data and other master data as well as completion as DSO
  • Recording and transmittal of measures and recalls
  • Automated generation of technical receipts; allocation of incoming receipts
  • Flexible connecting of internal systems based on configurable workflows
  • Case-related routing of the Redispatch processes to your systems
  • interfaces for transferring master data and prognosis data as well as recalls 
  • Comprehensive monitoring 
  • Different options for operation: on-premise or cloud-based 
  • High availability – outages due to maintenance work or unplanned malfunctions are minimised
  • Easy expandability for future requirements

Automated exchange through connect+, master data handling, monitoring, high availability.

Energy transition and digital transformation go hand in hand!

The energy transition is impossible to imagine without digital transformation in the energy sector. Both are also advanced by the legislator: The Act on the Digitisation of the Energy Transition (GDEW), the IT Security Act and the new Grid Expansion Acceleration Act (NABEG) 2.0 set the respective regulatory frame.

With our solutions, we support the energy sector in its digital transformation and think outside the box! As such, the solution building blocks for Redispatch 2.0 offer the potential for additional stages of expansion, e.g. integration as a general master data tool, introduction of a central monitoring or the implementation of additional processes and use cases.

Lots of Benefits

You save yourself effort.

All Redispatch 2.0 requirements are met entirely!

You gain time.

Maximal automation; easy handling of master data!

You spare your nerves.

Flexible system integration!

You can sleep soundly.

Constant availability through secure operation models!

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