Simply Keep an Eye on Everything.

VIMON supports all applications based on the Virtimo Digitalization Cloud and Suite during operation. Via the monitoring, all framework parameters of the application and the underlying infrastructure that are relevant for the operation of the processes are monitored centrally. The data obtained is stored and can be traced and compared in retrospect.

In this way, the operation of your applications is optimized to the maximum. VIMON contributes to faster analysis and fault elimination in the event of a fault, so that  you can easily avoid the time-consuming and cost-intensive search for potential causes of faults across a wide range of systems. VIMON also identifies potential cost savings and highlights scaling opportunities.

An analysis tool for the entire Virtimo Tech stack.

Overview of all relevant system parameters across all operating layers.

Provision of all relevant key figures.

In addition to information on the status of processes, VIMON provides you with many other application and infrastructure-specific key figures:

  • Number and runtimes of processes at all levels – from technical to infrastructural levels
  • Look at the application-internal metrics [thread utilization, active network connections, etc.]
  • Infrastructure information such as network performance, I/O latencies, and memory and CPU utilization information

All key figures can be analyzed graphically and used flexibly via Zoom or Drill Down. With VIMON’s ability to extract metrics from the applications and view log files, you get not only a view of the systems, but also deep insights into the processes.

Enrich these key figures by connecting additional systems and data sources and gain an overview of all factors that can influence processes.

Preventive fault avoidance.

VIMON does not only focus on a business process functioning, but also on a stable and high-performance infrastructure. This interaction between the two areas is crucial, because this is the only way to identify and prevent possible effects at an early stage. If VIMON reports an anomaly, the cause can be quickly narrowed down and a solution can be developed in a timely manner before system malfunctions or failures occur.

With VIMON, errors can not only be analyzed, but even avoided, because you are proactively made aware of emerging bottlenecks and can counteract them.

Evaluation of system states with comparison to older time periods to detect exceptional states.

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Cluster, Cloud and Co. – Ready for Future Requirements!

VIMON not only takes your current requirements into account, but can also be individually expanded to your future fields of application at any time. Whether cloud or larger cluster associations – even with increasing complexity, VIMON gives you a complete overview of your infrastructure and applications.

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