Virtimo Visions 2024 demonstrated: IT security is a marathon.

In the digital era, IT security is not an option, but a necessity – it is the basis on which trust between technology providers and users is built. The presentations at Virtimo Visions 2024, Virtimo AG’s regular client event, showed in particular that the implementation of a secure IT landscape requires perseverance. After all, without a cyclical review of the security concept and continuous further development of measures and technologies, security can only be of short duration.

Virtimo AG employees, including IT security officer Thomas Kröckel, gave talks on various facets of IT security over two days. The series of presentations was supplemented by expert contributions from Nils Milchert, practice lead for active defense at Spike Reply GmbH, and Jörg Waning, head of strategy efficiency at Open Grid Europe GmbH. 

Along the three pillars of information security – integrity, confidentiality and availability – the participants were first sensitized to potential attack scenarios. The focus then shifted to the technologies and measures required for a security concept. An important first step is to consistently integrate security into every project and the entire organization. After all, responsibility lies not only with security officers, but with all roles in project areas.

Once a sensible level of protection has been defined for an application or IT landscape, suitable measures can be derived that must be continuously developed. In order to ensure the long-term protection of applications, it is essential to review the security concept at regular intervals, regularly install software updates and continuously improve the IT security architecture.

The fact that this year’s Virtimo Visions focused on IT security reflects the relevance of the topic, as the recently published NIS2 implementation law to strengthen cyber security shows. Dirk Breitkreuz, CEO of Virtimo AG, also emphasizes: “According to Bitkom, German companies incurred losses of over 200 billion euros in 2022 as a result of cyber attacks. As the cybercrime industry continues to develop, attacks will become even more likely in the future. Basically, we have to accept that everyone will become a target sooner or later. It is therefore essential for companies to work tirelessly on IT security before critical incidents occur.”

Around 140 participants, including clients, partners and employees of Virtimo AG, came together at Virtimo Visions from May 16 to 17, 2024. The venue was the Telegraphenamt, Berlin’s former communications hub with one of the largest pneumatic tube systems in Europe. In addition to the lecture program, experts on the Virtimo product and solution portfolio were available for a personal exchange at expert tables.