See you next time | That was the VIRTIMO VISIONS 2022 from June 13 to 14

We look back on a successful VIRTIMO VISIONS 2022! Together with 120 customers and partners, we went on a journey through the Virtimo factory of digital transformation. For two days, we invited our customers and partners to the historic EUREF campus. Our conclusion: a great event with exciting topics, customer success stories from our partners and exciting discussions. Among the highlights of the VIRTIMO VISIONS 2022 were our major releases for INUBIT 8.0 and BPC 4.0 as well as the launch of our newest service – IGUASU! Virtimo would like to thank all participants and we are looking forward to seeing you again at the VIRTIMO VISIONS 2023!

Ready for the future!

With IGUASU we offer a cloud based service for orchestrating various cloud services [AWS, Azure, Google and many more!]. IGUASU combines high usability with its user-friendly interface ‒ projects can be created quickly, easily and efficiently on the platform. By connecting to other cloud services [e.g. Twitter, Kafka, S3 and Lambda] and BPC, we offer our customers and partners all the benefits and deployment options of the cloud in one service. Accelerate your digital transformation now ‒ with IGUASU.

Would you like to watch the presentations at VISIONS 2022? The videos of the presentations will be available shortly.