happy birthday – 10 years of virtimo!

10 years of Virtimo, 10 years of software development and IT-consulting made in Berlin.
A fast-paced development from starting out as a four-person team to becoming the company with the V-factor:

  • V like vertrauensvoll – trusting
  • V like verlässlich – reliable
  • V like vorausdenkend – forward-thinking
  • V like vielfältig – diverse
    and always delighted to be in action for our clients!

We are happy to celebrate our anniversary, but what really counts is the future! To keep on living and maintaining the Virtimo spirit for the next 10 years to come, always reinventing ourselves and working hand in hand with all our employees, our partners and clients.

V like Beständigkeit – consistency! Exceptionally fitting, only for Virtimo!