Virtimo manages information security

The successful management of information security is one of the central success factors for software providers and IT consulting firms. For our clients in the area of critical infrastructure, verification of a working management system for information security has long been obligatory. Along the chain of information processing, we, as a provider of major industry solutions, would like to do our part as well. Virtimo’s principles for the secure and confidential handling of client-relevant information are now being extended onto all areas of our business.

“In the support team we profit from well-rehearsed and information-secure processes, in part thanks to excellent tool support. Extending such processes to the entire company is a challenge which Virtimo has already stepped up to over the last months. For our ISMS implementation team, I contribute my previous experiences and best practices from the support area!”

Jan Csisko, head of the Virtimo client support team.

Berlin supports Virtimo in the ISMS Implementation

We will have our management system for information security (ISMS) certified according to the ISO 27001 industry standard by a DAkkS-accredited certifier. We are particularly pleased that the State of Berlin is sponsoring our certification project with the Berlin digital premium. This means that by next quarter already we will hold the certificate in our hands and be able to provide our clients with proof of a consistent system of information security.