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Trainings by Virtimo.
We’ll make experts out of you.

For all typical task areas around our products BPC and INUBIT, we offer specifically tailored training courses, which are perfect to combine. The mix of theoretical knowledge transfer, demonstrations, practical exercises with the system, goal-oriented discussions and examination of alternative approaches to solutions appeals to different types of learners, different senses and different brain areas.

In this way, we enable you to learn effectively and apply this knowledge in practice: With the respective basic training course, you will be fit in your area of responsibility in no time; the advanced training courses deepen and broaden your knowledge and the ways in which you will be able to use BPC and INUBIT.

With our DIGITAL DELTA TRAINING, we also offer you regular update training in the form of interactive live webinars on all new features and technologies of the Virtimo portfolio over a period of twelve months in the subscription model.

All training courses are led by our experienced trainers who will support you individually in any questions or obstacles you may come across. We offer all classes as open and thus cross-company trainings, but of course you can also book exclusive classes at your desired date.

We advise you and create your perfect training plan, both in terms of content, time and space. This can also be the virtual room – we are happy to discuss remote solutions for your training programme with you.

Do you already have in-depth know-how about our products and services? Then you can demonstrate your expertise and get certified by us. We are offering several open dates this year, but would also be happy to organize an individual certification for you.

Please note that all training and certification courses are currently held in German. For English-language trainings or certifications, please send us an individual request.

Business modelling INUBIT.
Basic training.

You are looking for a quick and comprehensive introduction to business modelling with INUBIT? This training is exactly right for you!

This training enables a quick and comprehensive entry into business modelling with inubit. Its focus is on modelling business processes in accordance with the widely used BPMN 2.0 standard whose concepts and elements you will become familiar with and practice applying on example cases. In addition, you will learn about complementary options such as additional diagram types, their linking, options for publication and export, visualisation of process code numbers using reports, as well as metadata and metadata-based process simulation.


  • Basics of process modelling
  • BPMN 2.0 basic concept and elements
  • Introduction to inubit and modelling with the Workbench
  • Practical application of BPMN 2.0 and complementary
  • diagram types
  • Advanced options
  • Procedure of process modelling
  • Best practices and conventions


  • After completing this course, participants are able to transfer simple processes from an unstructured description into a structured diagram using the BPMN 2.0 standard and to read business process diagrams of medium complexity.

Target group

  • Business analysts, process consultants, departmental staff, departmental managers, IT staff

Recommended prior knowledge

  • Basic knowledge in using computers

  • 3 days

This training course provides a compact entryway into the automation of processes using technical workflows in inubit. You will gain an overview of inubit and its underlying concepts. You will get to know the basis-technologies of W3C, which are used intensively in the area of B2B: XML as a data format from which relevant information is read via XPath and the processing and transformation of this information into other formats by means of XSLT. In extensive exercises, you will learn to practically apply the theoretical foundation and to use inubit’s central tools while creating a technical workflow step by step. This workflow will contain exemplary format adapters and links to external systems, which are often used in EAI and SOA implementations. You will have your workflow log code numbers and visualise these in reports. All in all, you will get a taste of many topics and gain an overview of the possibilities that arise – from error analysis and process monitoring to unit tests, modelling conventions and performance aspects.


  • Basic concept BPM
  • inubit architecture
  • Introduction to the Workbench
  • Overview of business models and their potential uses on a technical level
  • Classification, syntax and functions/commands of XML, XPath and XSLT
  • Technical workflows, variables, format mapping, workflow controls and additional selected modules
  • Introduction to integration using web services, REST and linking of data banks
  • Process controlling and reports
  • Introduction to error handling and deployment


  • After completing this course, participants are able to create simple workflows, draw on data banks, REST and web services, read XML documents, build simple XPath-expressions for selecting information and create simple XSLT-mappings. Participants will have the necessary starting points and knowledge to independently explore the further range of functions of inubit with the help of its product documentation. They will be able to judge which automisations inubit could be used for in their respective company context.

Target group

  • IT staff, business analysts, process consultants and departmental staff with an affinity for IT

Recommended prior knowledge

  • Basic knowledge in using computers

  • 4 days

Process automation INUBIT.
Basic training.

Technical workflows are the foundation for process automation. In this training course, you will create a technical workflow step by step in practical exercises, using all of INUBIT’s central tools, and learn more about the range of possibilities which INUBIT offers for the automation of your business processes.

Process automation INUBIT.
Advanced training.

With this training course, you will deepen and broaden your knowledge from the basic course: Performance, tagging, custom functions and lots more! You will also learn best practices for solving commonly occurring problems.

In this training course, you will deepen your knowledge from the basic course. For familiar topics such as XPath, error handling and monitoring, you will add to your knowledge further possibilities and advanced aspects such as performance. You will learn about new topics like tagging, custom functions, automated diagram checks and calling up repository content from the outside. You will learn best practices for solving commonly occurring problems. There is also room for conceptual aspects: In goal-oriented discussions and guided reflections, you will sharpen your awareness of the right methods and criteria for selecting the best-fitted alternative for your work routine.


  • XML scheme, XPath, XSLT, custom functions
  • More complex workflows
  • Variables, error handling, web services, linking of databases
  • Monitoring, logging, unit tests, tagging
  • Effective maintenance of login details for third-party systems
  • Selected server options
  • Scripting options
  • Best Practices


  • After completing this course, participants are able to implements solutions using technical workflows for more complex scenarios and design these in a sustainable way, i.e. considering criteria such as reusability, maintainability and performance.

Target group

  • IT staff, business analysts, process consultants with a high affinity for IT

Recommended prior knowledge

  • Basic knowledge of process automation, e.g. from the basic training course
  • 2 to 3 months practical experience in creating technical workflows

  • 3 days

This training course provides you with broad general knowledge about the installation, operation, configuration and monitoring of inubit BPM. You will get to know relevant tasks in these topic areas, see their context and objectives outlined, and learn which technological options and organisational approaches are established for them. With this basic knowledge, you will be able to judge which areas are relevant to your company and in which areas you should dig deeper or arrange additional measures. Practical exercises will help you learn about the typical information sources and procedures for notification as well as for analyses, in case that unexpected incidents or errors do occur.


  • Overall technical architecture of inubit BPM
  • Installation, general configuration and initial operation
  • User and authorisation management
  • Backup / restore of inubit BPM
  • Updating an installation
  • Monitoring und logging options
  • Notification options in the running operation (email, SNMP, CLI, etc.)
  • Practical examples for problem analysis


  • After completing this course, participants are able to install and generally configure inubit BPM, and embed it into the operating concept of their own company.

Target group

  • System admins, DevOps, developers, consultants with an affinity for administration

Recommended prior knowledge

  • No prior knowledge required
  • Basic knowledge of the client-server-concept can be helpful

  • 2 days

Operation and administration INUBIT.
Basic training.

In this training course, you will gain well-founded basic knowledge and an overview of the installation, configuration, operation and monitoring of INUBIT.

BPC Fundamentals training.
Basic training.

The BPC [Business Process Center] is an integrated, highly flexible and seamlessly integrable application framework for creating web-based business applications and portal solutions. This training provides basic knowledge about the functions, architecture and possible uses of the BPC.

This training provides basic knowledge about the functions, architecture and possible uses of the Business Process Center [BPC]. You will get to know different BPC modules and understand how to configure them. With the help of practical exercises, you will link the different modules [and externally connected systems] with each other and thus create digital solutions in the Business Process Center.


  • Architecture of the BPC
    • Karaf + Elasticsearch
  • Installation
  • Working with the user interface
  • Overview of the standard modules of the BPC
  • BPC Core
    •  Overview
    • Core Konfiguration
    • Identity Management
    • Navigation
    • Replication
    • Logging Service
  • Overview and configuration of functional BPC modules
    • External +  HTML Content
    • Process Dashboard
    • Process Monitoring
    • Process Data Management
    • Further modules
  • Connection of inubit
    • Documentation
    • Interaction
    • inubit Monitoring
    • inubit Web Application
  • Prospects


  • After this training, participants understand the structure and functions of the Business Process Center. They are able to create simple solutions with the modules of the BPC and to connect them with other systems [e.g. inubit].

Target group

  • Solution Developer, System Operator, Technical Consultants

Recommended prior knowledge

  • inubit basic knowledge is an advantage

  • 2 days

As a user of of our DIGITAL DELTA TRAINING service, you get access to regular virtual live training webinars, in which we present and explain all the innovations in our product and service world. In addition, you will receive access to all recordings of these webinars, so that you can access exactly the training content that is relevant to you at any time, even after the event.


  • Digital delta training on all products and services
  • Presentation of new modules and features
  • Interactive learning units
  • Recapitulation + consolidation through individually retrievable content


  • With the Virtimo Digital Delta Training you are always up-to-date on all topics related to the Virtimo product and service portfolio.

Target group

  • System administrators, DevOps, developers, users, consultants

Recommended prior knowledge

  • Depending on the training content, different prior knowledge may be necessary
  • For INUBIT and BPC delta training, the INUBIT and BPC basic training courses are the ideal basis

  • 12 months update training on all new features and releases
  • Access to at least 24 hours of live webinar training per year
  • Access to all video recordings of webinars that have already taken place

Digital delta training.
Training subscription.

With the regular, interactive live webinars as well as access to all recordings of the Virtimo Digital Delta Training, you will stay up-to-date on all topics related to the Virtimo product and service portfolio. Please note that all training courses are currently held in German. For English-language trainings, please send us an individual request.

Certification by Virtimo.
Already an expert?

With a certificate from Virtimo, experts can verify and demonstrate their know-how on our products and solutions. As an employer, you create incentives for your employees and at the same time get an overview of their level of knowledge. As a partner, certificates help you to highlight the expertise of your team and to strengthen the trust of your customers.

Join us for one of our open certification sessions or contact us to schedule a certification session on your premises.*

Open dates 2023

Are you interested in an open certification session? This ist your next option:

  • 1 December 2023 – 09:30 to 12:30

*Certification is available at your site from 5 participants.


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