Virtimo is a BiPRO member.

As of 1st April, 2020, Virtimo has become a member of the BiPRO e.V., the Branch Institute for Process Optimisation. With the acquisition of the inubit BPM software from Bosch Software Innovations, we have taken over various solutions in addition to the software, among others the BiPRO server. As an association, the BiPRO has been developing norms for the insurance industry to support digitisation and process automation since 2005, together with its members.

As such, the BiPRO organises data exchange between market participants in the insurance sector and efficiently connects insurance companies with their sales partners.

The Virtimo BiPRO server supports all current BiPRO norms right out of the box, thus allowing for quick and cost-effective BiPRO-compliant process management, and is already in use in several companies, for example the insurers Barmenia, HanseMerkur and Continentale.

We are looking forward to this cooperation and all challenges to come.