Partnerschaft AKTIF und Virtimo
Lars Ehrler, Managing Director of the AKTIF Group of Companies, and Dirk Breitkreuz, board member of Virtimo AG



Cooperation between AKTIF Group of Companies and Virtimo AG Ensures High-Performance EDIFACT Message Exchange via AS4 Protocol.

In the course of implementing AS4 market communication, the AKTIF group of companies has chosen Virtimo AG as an experienced partner. The connection of the energy logistics solution AKTIF®dataService to the established Virtimo Communication Service [VICOS] is currently running at full speed. The focus here is on aligning the processes exactly to the needs of AKTIF customers. By providing AS4 data transmission “as a service”, all requirements are covered not only with a high quality standard, but also in an economically sensible way in the interest of the users.

“The decisive factor for us was first and foremost Virtimo’s many years of expertise in AS4 communication in the European gas market. The processes in connection with the technically and functionally powerful VICOS platform are well-rehearsed. Nothing stands in the way of precisely tailored shared services. This is exactly in line with our vision of designing smooth energy market processes,” says Lars Ehrler, Managing Director of the AKTIF group of companies. AKTIF’s customers benefit from a complete solution based on the “best-of-breed” idea, in which Virtimo’s strength in AS4 communication is specifically brought to bear. Those who opt for the “AKTIF smart&easy” offer for handling energy market-specific processes as a service will automatically secure the benefits of the new cooperation. Nobody has to worry about the compliant mapping of the data exchange via AS4 with TLS encryption. In addition, companies using AKTIF software in-house continue to have the freedom to use existing communication solutions that have been enhanced for AS4.

Partnership guarantees needs-based integration.

The added value of the partnership between AKTIF and Virtimo is that the interaction within the energy industry process chain has been geared towards the best possible integration from the very beginning. This takes into account a wide range of requirements, as Dirk Breitkreuz, CEO of Virtimo AG, also emphasizes: “By linking the AKTIF solution to VICOS, we can serve a broad spectrum of energy market players and offer all of them decisive relief in market communication. In AKTIF, we have found a like-minded partner whose credo we share one-to-one.” This is: “Concentrate on the essentials, we’ll take care of the rest for you” – a promise that should not be underestimated when entering the new and for many energy supply companies quite challenging world of AS4.

Virtimo Communication Service [VICOS]: Sovereignty through experience.

Numerous companies have been relying on the capabilities of the Virtimo Communication Service [VICOS] for the implementation of market communication processes for several years now, and its scalability ensures that it will also meet future user requirements. The functionality has been consistently expanded in line with national and international legal requirements – most recently against the backdrop of the mandatory AS4 introduction in the German electricity market by the BSI and BDEW. Virtimo AG thus opens up a standardized path for market communication in the electricity sector, with the highly automated processes contributing not least to the account of the digital transformation of energy companies.


About the AKTIF Group of Companies

The AKTIF group of companies, based in Senftenberg, Germany, has been offering flexible and solution-oriented IT systems as well as services for the handling of specific market processes in the context of energy trading, monitoring and sales since 1997.

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